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Mechanical Engineering and Design Consulting

Turning ideas into Reality


I've been very fortunate to work on facilities of all sizes and scale.  I spent the better part of 2 years in Australia working on a new facility that manufactures 7 different single-base propellants for various ammunition.  This includes large scale production of NC, mixing, pressing, cutting, transfer, glazing, coating, solvent recovery, drying, pack-out, and all the little steps through-out the process.  I've also had jobs that only took a few hours put together a simple mixing bowl dumping operation.  I enjoy the variety in work, but the attention to detail applies to everything I do.


With 30 years of experience working in the design and engineering field there are too many projects to list them all.  Many projects can't be shared due to the nature of the work and today's competitive markets.  Here are just a few examples of some of the processes and equipment I've worked on during my career that I am able to share.  The intent here is to show that I enjoy working with both large corporations on long-term projects and the individual that just needs a little help bringing a vision to life.


Traditional views of "engineers" are that we can't communicate and don't posses the interpersonal skills to work well with other groups or teams. If that is what you're looking for, I'm not your guy.  I named my company DUDE ENGINEERING, because I think it's kinda funny and easy to remember, and because I'm the opposite of what most people think of when they stereotype "engineers".  I train ski instructors, I love coaching soccer and mtn biking.  I ran the explosives safety training programs for my previous company where I organized and delivered explosive safety training on several DOD, NFPA, and OSHA regulations.  This included courses that were 4 -full days of training and workshops.  It's not easy keeping people interested for 4 days of intense training on safety regulations . . . but we've only put a few to sleep over the past 15 years.



I picked this name because it's easy to remember and kinda funny.  I've also found that many times we are in business with people but treat them as objects or even obstacles, the company name is a reminder to me and those I work with, that we all have our own personal life and that in order to maintain good relationships (both in business and in personal life) we need to treat each other with consideration.

After working for many years under the supervision of company owners and supervisors that didn't share my vision of how to treat fellow engineers, clients, and the people they interact with I decided to go out on my own.  I have found that my own happiness and well-being is directly tied to the quality of the relationships I have with all the people I interact with.  When we treat people with the respect and consideration we expect from them, we can have mutually beneficial relationships.  This applies to engineering work as much as any other part of life.

First and foremost, I love what I do!  I feel very lucky to be able to work in a field that I enjoy.  I worked for my dad as a young boy in his machine shop.  My dad worked as an aerospace engineer and then bought a business in the Seattle area customizing large machinery for that same industry.  He went on to be a professor of engineering and I'm fortunate to have him work with me on most of my projects.  He's quite brilliant and has a level of experience that cannot be replaced.  I have found most of my success as an engineer comes from my understanding of processes and my ability to use CAD (SolidWorks, Pro-E, Unigraphics, and some use of AutoCAD) to produce quality designed products and equipment.  Understanding fabrication (time in the machine shop) allows me to understand processes and the equipment used to manipulate materials into the end products.  This understanding can be applied to every industry.


"Dude Engineering" is a mechanical engineering based company.  I'm also an explosives safety expert with many years of experience analyzing equipment and processes for production of energetics and the use of energetics in processing.  I'm a design engineer but with a great deal of experience leading and conducting hazards analysis, which has helped me be a better designer as I'm able to incorporate safety principles into the design process.  I have many years of experience teaching courses on explosives safety, Process Safety Management (OSHA 1910.119), Facility Siting (DoD 4145 associated regulations), Electrical Classification (combustible dust, flammable liquids, and explosives), and customer specific courses. Early in my career I worked for Motorola for several years designing cellphones.  I have worked on many "demil" projects where we are safely removing and demolishing facilities that once processed explosives.  As you can imagine, both types of work take a great deal of detail oriented work to assure the success of the product and the safety of all those involved.  I love what I do, I love new challenges, and I love working with the amazing people I come in contact with every day. 


If you have a job that may fit into what I do or who I am . . . let's talk.  



"Ryan knows this information forward and back. Great presenting skills of difficult and complex topics"

Project Manager

Lockheed Martin

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