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Ryan Dittmar

Mechanical Engineer





829 S.  1100 W.

Spanish Fork, UT 84660

Date of Birth:

August 12, 1973

A Bit About Me

I grew up working in my dads machine shop in the Seattle area. My dad built custom machinery, mostly for aerospace.  I worked in the shop cleaning large mills, lathes, saws, etc. so my dad could customize them for the clients specific needs.  I learned to use the equipment while I helped him and while I worked on some old cars.  The firs time I really decided that engineering was for me, was when my dad and I built a water pump for my old 1971 BMW 2002 . . . and it worked!  I thought it was so unbelievably cool that the part we built actually worked! The idea that we could customize parts specifically for our needs is still intoxicating.  I was hooked!  My father, who later became an engineering professor and consultant, still works with me on most of my projects.  I've found there is no replacement for experience, and he has that in spades (yes, this is a cheap shot at his age).

I moved to Utah and quickly dropped everything to become a ski bum for a few years.  When we were expecting our first child I returned to reality and went to school to become an engineer.  I played soccer for the university to offset the cost.  I finished my degree with our 4th child on the way.  I still coach soccer, skiing, and mountain biking, purely because I enjoy sharing the activities that have brought me joy.  It's very rewarding to assist people in developing new skills that bring them joy.

I have 6 kids (4 from my previous marriage and 2 from my girlfriend's previous marriage) and 2 grand kids.  I workout every day, I study nutrition and eat healthy as a hobby, I love to study philosophy and it's historical significance, I meditate several times a week, and I believe if you do what you love, treat people as people and not as objects . . . you'll find success.  Success being defined more in terms of being peaceful and happy rather than monetarily.  But I do believe if you truly love what you do, you'll perform well and financial stability will follow.

Bucket list item I still need to check-off:  Napal!  I'd love to go and live in Napal for a year to learn about the people and history of the culture.

Work Experience

Safety Management Services, Inc.,

Salt Lake City, UT,
2007- 2021,

Senior Staff Mechanical Engineer, Training Manager​

I worked full-time for Safety Management Services, Inc. in the West Jordan, UT office as an explosives safety expert with a degree in Mechanical Engineering for over 13 years and was a shareholder in the company for 10 years.  My experience includes senior leadership roles in engineering and safety, timeline planning, accountability tracking, meeting organization, presentations, technical training, and action item closeout.   My mechanical engineering background has also led to success in conducting Process Hazards Analysis, Combustible Dust HA, Electrical Classification, and Process Safety Management (OSHA 1910.119 PSM) leadership training for large corporations including many government organizations. 


At SMS I also led efforts in designing and manufacturing of testing, R&D, and production equipment.  Development of equipment from conception through production including detailed CAD modeling drawing development, FEA, Bill of Materials and associated cost analysis.  My experience includes patent awards associated with unique concepts and equipment. I was also responsible for development, manufacturing, sales, operating manual creation, delivery, and training clients on the use of explosives sensitivity test equipment.


13 years of experience as the training director developing, delivering, planning, and proposal /contract writing of leadership training sessions for clients on the following topics:

·         Dust Hazards Analysis (DHA)

·         Process Hazards Analysis (PHA)

·         Process Safety Management (PSM)

·         Advanced Facility Siting (DOD 4145)

·         Electrical Classification (NFPA)

·         Combustible dust and explosives testing requirements for               both in-process and transportation (DOT)

·         General Explosives Safety

Dittmar Development,

Coeur d’Alene, ID, 2007, Director of Engineering and Marketing


I was hired as a consultant to take a prototype piece of equipment and build production equipment for use in bakeries and food supply chains.  This included creating a complete CAD model, drawings for parts, sourcing manufacturing, QA of incoming parts, budget and timeline tracking, Bill of Materials creation and the complete manufacturing of the first run of 20 machines.  The project was completed on schedule in July 2007.

Motorola, Inc., Mobile Devices, Chandler, AZ, 2003 - 2006,

Senior Mechanical Engineer


I designed and manufactured mobile phones for the Nextel group.  My job included working with the industrial design teams and the Nextel client to design the look and specifications for new phones in the CAD system (I have used Unigraphics, pro-E, and SolidWorks).  I worked with technology partners to develop camera modules, touch screens, keypads, rear displays (on flip phones).  This also included working with the electrical teams for pc board development and trace layouts, shielding, and EMF performance issues.  A major portion of this job was to develop tooling and manufacturing tools for full production of the phones.   I spent many months in China overseeing engineering teams, assembly line production, raw material sourcing and QA, as well as implementing process improvements associated to Motorola’s six-sigma methods.

Exotic Metals Forming Company, Kent, WA, 2001, Engineering Intern

My job included designing and overseeing fabrication of tooling fixtures using the Unigraphics CAD program and the company’s machine shop.  I also assisted in the development an x-ray system for real-time weld inspection on aerospace parts to reduce manufacturing and rework time.  This job included various process improvement efforts and testing for various satellite components for thermal performance. 

Professional Skills

Project Development

18+ years of experience with US and Asia manufacturing and correlation of design and development process for production.  Development of manufacturing processes to maintain design intent and quality assurance.  Experience with new site development while managing current site operations (project overlap) in large scale processes.  


Project Management

Experience in organizing and implementing schedules for completing projects with the allotted time and financial structure.  Manage personal work related responsibilities in combination with driving team and project tasks related to project goals.  Led daily, weekly, and monthly project update meetings (SQDC) to track progress and status of manufacturing goals.  This includes developing marketing strategy, budgets, development cost and time schedules along with reporting progress to various stakeholders.


Equipment Development and Product Design

Experience and familiarity with the design and manufacturing of testing and production equipment.  Development of equipment from conception through production including detailed CAD modeling and analysis, FEA, Bill of Materials development, associated cost analysis, and patent awards associated with unique concepts and equipment.  Experience includes consumer product development and production timeline tracking. 


Hazards Analysis and Facility Safety

Performs Hazards Analysis for processing and manufacturing of explosive articles for the defense, mining, ammunition, aerospace, and other industries and laboratories that support these critical processes.  Experience working onsite as a third party Health and Safety expert assisting in development and implementation of safety and environmental management systems including OSHA’s  Process Safety Management (PSM) to ensure both governmental and industry compliance.


Leading training sessions on Hazards Analysis (HA) and Process Safety Management (PSM) for leading explosives industry companies and their management teams for implementation of industry standards and compliance with governing agencies (military, governmental, corporate, industry practices).


Assisting in facility siting for storage and use of explosive articles within safe operating distances and in properly shielded locations for compliance with standards.  This includes analysis of handling of materials and packaging/storing configurations.


DOT testing and analysis for transport of dangerous goods and the packaging configurations associated to the classification of the materials.  This includes familiarity with sensitivity test equipment and data analysis of test reports and application of this data for in-process classification of explosive/hazardous materials.  This includes implementation of procedures and protocols to safely process explosive materials within the safe operating parameters as determined through testing and data collection.


Process and Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

Experience includes performing Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) on processes both in the operational and design phases of development.  Developing test criteria utilizing Six Sigma methodology and statistical analysis for process stability and cost reduction. 

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